A THOUGHT ON AMBULANCE In an average there are only 8,500 ambulances in all over the country of 18 crores people. One third of these number of ambulances are registered as general motor vehicle. In fact, there are few more than 6,000 registered as ambulance. The government ambulances are included in this number, which are very insufficient in the health service sector of the country. It this sector most of the people are not that much literate and they are the proprietors of these ambulances. Due to insufficient number of government ambulances, it becomes very difficult to get these services. For that reason, people have to depend mostly on the private ambulance services. As this is a paid service, so people can take the services on the basis of their need. But it is very necessary to have a proper infrastructure and develop a government approved guideline for this service sector. In this guideline all the rules and regulations will be included for government and private ambulances. The payment structure should be included clearly in this guideline. Beside the charges from one route to another will also mentioned thus customers will not be confused. The Government should arrange necessary trainings, conferences and seminars for ambulance owners, drivers and other stuffs thus they are able to abide the laws. As ambulance is the major transportation facility to the patients, so the government should waive or reduce the cost of registration, tax, vat, yearly charges, ferry charges, etc. If the charges reduce patient can have the facilities. According to the government guideline it is very important to set up a strong monitoring system to run the entire ambulance services. It will be more effective, if a database system can be established for the ambulance service providers. In the national disasters the role of private ambulance services is always identically significant. The government should start a national awarding system to motivating those ambulance service providers, who have proved their significant role in the national disasters. Beside these actions getting this service easily the media focuses on the awareness of ambulance service and advertise in a proper manner. For the sake of the national development the Government Organization (GO) and Non-Government Organization (NGO) can start different type of small project regarding ambulance services. We are expecting the people from all levels, specially the educated people thus they can invest their merits and add more values in ambulance service sector. We hope the ambulance service facilities can be enjoyed from our doorsteps very soon and ensure the basic human right of every citizen of the country.


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