ICU (Ambulance with life support system):

Patients that have weak immunity system, severe asthma or some other kind of problems that put them in critical condition, those are provided with critical care from the doctors or nursing unit of critical care department. This ambulance service with intense care from doctors and medical equipment for the critical patients is called ICU/Cardiac/PCU/NICU ambulance.

The Mobile Critical Care Team

A doctor, trained in Intensive Care, will always be on board (If Confirm by Patient). To assist him with the patient, will be a male nurse and a ward-boy, apart from the driver, who would also help in the shifting of the patient.


This is a breathing machine. It supplies oxygen to all patients, whether adults, or children.


It is used to shock a diseased heart to bring it back to normal.

Suction Machine

To take out secretions (sputum) from the lungs.

NICU Transport Team

Our specially trained team transports the smallest and sickest infants from area hospitals. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the Truett & Margaret Crim Maternity Canter. Hunt Regional Medical canter’s NICU transport team NICU is the area’s only provider of Level III neonatal services and provides 24/7 coverage by a board-certified Doctor’s.

The NICU transport team is a specialty unit that provides inter-facility ambulance transportation for babies. The team of specialists then transports sick babies from regional hospitals back to Hunt Regional where they can receive a higher level of care.

About transport

Hospital-to-hospital distance affects the outcome when transporting fragile patients. That’s why we bring the NICU to the baby.

Our transport team is equipped with portable ventilators, monitors, IV pumps, medication, and additional equipment needed to provide a high level of critical care for babies.

Our NICU team

NICU clinicians are trained as members of the transport team, including:

Emergency Kit

This is a light-weight aluminium suitcase, containing all emergency drug, equipment and infusions (drips). It is carried by the Mobile Critical Care Team to start emergency treatment on the spot.


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