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  • What do we do?
  • Service Areas
  • How to get Emergency Ambulance Service?
  • Why Charges High?
  • What’s our Services?
  • What is the Ambulance booking systems?
  • What is the fare systems?
  • What is the NES 999?
What do we do?

BD Ambulance Service is a professional institution for offline and online humanitarian services. The public use ambulance to urgently reach places that provide healthcare like hospitals and other relevant places. Serious bloody wound, broken bone, chest pain, severe head injury, asthma attack, pregnancy related problems, car accidents or any other kinds of accidents immediately call for the need of ambulance. BD Ambulance always keeps the equipment’s ready that play important role in keeping the person or the patient alive. The ambulance keeps first aid kit ready for stopping bleeding, keeping broken bone steady, fire injuries etc. Moreover, the urgent medical equipment that help to bring a new born to this world healthily or to keep the heart beats normal, are kept here in the ambulance. This ambulance provides service to different places in Bangladesh including Dhaka. The charges can vary depending on the distance. The ambulance charge totals for all services so that the customer doesn’t have to pay for gas or motor oil, oxygen and AC separately. The procedure of sending ambulance is started instantly once the message is received. But the time of arrival may vary because of the distance or traffic jam. In case of emergency, the ambulance can be arranged first and payment can be done afterwards. The money can be paid directly or by mobile transfer system. But Visa or MasterCard can also be used for online money transfer.

Service Areas

This service is not limited only inside Dhaka but all over Bangladesh, that means the service can be used from almost 64 districts to other districts or sub districts.

How to get Emergency Ambulance Service?

– If possible to consult with the doctor, be sure whether the patient is needed to transfer on an ambulance.
– To keep in handy a number that provides ambulance services 24/7.
– To contact the number of ambulance service and let them know the patient’s current location and desired location (hospital, clinic, home, factory or any other places).
– Generally, there are non-AC, AC, freezer van, life support ICU vehicle and air ambulance. So which ambulance is suitable for the patient that needs to be decided first. The charges will be based to the decided ambulance.
– To know clearly about the service charges before confirming the appointment.
– To keep the documents and papers related to the patient and the attendant with the patient ready on them.
– To know the current location of the ambulance immediately once after confirming the service.
– To keep the driver’s and assistant’s contact number and providing them with necessary information about the patient’s location.
-Finally, when you get the ambulance service, let the owner of the ambulance or the institution know at once.

Why Charges High?

If we think a little hard, we can see that the charges for ambulance is not much more than any other ordinary vehicle. A normal micro bus has one driver. On a same kind of vehicle with medical facilities has to have 2 drivers. A normal vehicle does not require a helper or assistant. But in an ambulance there must have an assistant. when a normal hired vehicle goes for a trip somewhere, it is open to have extra passengers on the way or from the way back thus some extra income. But it is impossible for an ambulance to do that. An ambulance is bound to reach the destination and return. Therefore, the charges for driver, helper and the vehicles itself is a lot. Moreover, the government charges for an ambulance is same as any other normal vehicle like, the vehicle registration fee, tax, fitness, insurance, toll bridges etc. Overall the charge for an ambulance is very much likely as a normal vehicle.

What’s our Services?

Ambulance that is not air-conditioned. This is like normal vehicle with the benefits of an ambulance but not air-conditioned. The patients who are not so severely injured or with no emergency can use this service.
Ambulance that is air-conditioned. The temperature inside the ambulance can be adjusted as the comfort of the patient that means this ambulance provides air conditioning services.
Ambulance for carrying corpse. The temperature inside this ambulance is set on -23℃. Generally, this service is provided to preserve and carry dead bodies to distant places. As Bangladesh is a tropical country, it is a quite difficult task to carry a dead body to any distant place. The freezer van is very useful for this. Each vehicle can carry two bodies at once. There is seating arrangement for one person beside the driver on a single dickered vehicle and for two persons on a double dickered vehicle.
ICU (Ambulance with life support system):
Patients that have weak immunity system, severe asthma or some other kind of problems that put them in critical condition, those are provided with critical care from the doctors or nursing unit of critical care department. This ambulance service with intense care from doctors and medical equipment for the critical patients is called ICU/Cardiac/PCU/NICU ambulance.
The Mobile Critical Care Team
A doctor, trained in Intensive Care, will always be on board (If Confirm by Patient). To assist him with the patient, will be a male nurse and a ward-boy, apart from the driver, who would also help in the shifting of the patient.
This is a breathing machine. It supplies oxygen to all patients, whether adults, or children.
It is used to shock a diseased heart to bring it back to normal.
Suction Machine
To take out secretions (sputum) from the lungs.
NICU Transport Team
Our specially trained team transports the smallest and sickest infants from area hospitals. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the Truett & Margaret Crim Maternity Canter. Hunt Regional Medical canter’s NICU transport team NICU is the area’s only provider of Level III neonatal services and provides 24/7 coverage by a board-certified Doctor’s.
The NICU transport team is a specialty unit that provides inter-facility ambulance transportation for babies. The team of specialists then transports sick babies from regional hospitals back to Hunt Regional where they can receive a higher level of care.
About transport
Hospital-to-hospital distance affects the outcome when transporting fragile patients. That’s why we bring the NICU to the baby.
Our transport team is equipped with portable ventilators, monitors, IV pumps, medication, and additional equipment needed to provide a high level of critical care for babies.
Our NICU team
NICU clinicians are trained as members of the transport team, including:
Emergency Kit
This is a light-weight aluminium suitcase, containing all emergency drug, equipment and infusions (drips). It is carried by the Mobile Critical Care Team to start emergency treatment on the spot.
Air ambulance plays a vital role in carrying patients. Helicopter or plane is equipped with the same medical equipment as a regular ambulance. This institution hires service from another institution. So there is no room for personal adjustments of the patient. But the services that air ambulance generally provide are- seating arrangement for one person with pilot and a doctor and a medical assistant for the patient. The appointments are made based on the days, dates and time. It is quite expensive for Bangladeshi people.

What is the Ambulance booking systems?

It is possible to schedule an Ambulance service as per the requirement in the form below. In that case, the Name should be given at the beginning of the form and select of the service, where and from where to place, the date of departure at which time the mobile phone number should be given. A number of options must be given on the side. In many cases, it is not possible for a reputable client to contact a number because of their net habits, lack of charge or talking on another phone. In that case it becomes a problem to give or take the service mentioned. The patient is also deprived of necessary Ambulance services. Considering that, this option number has been made compulsory in light of the experience. After completing the form, clicking on the Submit button will show a successful message. That means it is possible to place the order correctly. Within a few minutes the BD Ambulance representative will confirm the rest by calling the given number. It is also possible to book an Ambulance by calling the number on the page.

BD Ambulance is Bangladeshi one of the player for Ambulance bookings. With the cheapest fare guarantee, experience great value at the lowest price. Any Bangladeshi and abroad will be book an ambulance service by web page, what’s app, we chat, facebook etc social media. Our support will reach you the soonest possible.

BD Ambulance is Bangladeshi one of the player for Ambulance bookings. With the cheapest fare guarantee, experience great value at the lowest price. Any Bangladeshi and abroad will be book an ambulance service by land phone, Mobile phone call. Our support will reach you the soonest possible.
BD Ambulance is Bangladeshi one of the player for Ambulance bookings. With the cheapest fare guarantee, experience great value at the lowest price. Any Bangladeshi and abroad will be book an ambulance service by any massage. Our support will reach you the soonest possible.
Any known and unknown face will be book an ambulance service by his personal reference.

What is the fare systems?

The ambulance can be hired directly from the institution or by calling on the provided phone number. The ambulance will arrive on the address told over the phone. The ambulance can be hired anytime of the day. This institution provides services 24/7 to the patients. The charges may vary on the days of hartal, blockade and other government holidays.

What is the NES 999?

As like the developed countries, the government of Bangladesh has also started national emergency helpline service (999) to help general public. With the direction of Bangladesh Police, this helpline service is available the whole countrywide. 999 provides with emergency police service, emergency ambulance service, fire service and other civil services. 999 can be called from any network service and it is free of call charges. Invented by the Pilot Program of the government Information and Technology department, today this project is being directed successfully from the command canter of Bangladesh police.


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